This page supplements material from my book 7 Steps to Better Writing.  It provides videos that amplify the chapter “Good Writing Is important.”

Also see my post “Why Successful People Value Good Writing.”

In the following video, a 4th grade teacher, engineer, physiologist, professional services provider, small business owner, government administrator, and business instructor all state that writing is important to their career success.

In the following video, Jordan Peterson states that the ability to write well is one of the most important skills to clear thinking, career achievement, and a fulfilled life.

Peterson stresses the value of writing. He says, “Learn to write. I’m dead serious, because writing is formalized thinking.” And in the following interview, he expands on the prior video. This is Peterson at his best.

In the following video, Kevin de Laplante, a philosopher of natural science, explains that deep reading and deep writing are essential to learning, career development, persuasiveness, and deep thinking.

In the following video, the author Jarred McGinnis talks about the magical power of telling stories and the benefits of writing.

In the following video, police officer Betsy Brantner-Smith emphasizes the import of writing to police work.

In the following video, blogger and YouTube producer George Kao passionately endorses the worth of writing for entrepreneurs.


Writing is important. It is a skill anyone can learn, if aspired to and worked at. I hope you desire to improve.