This page supplements material from my book 7 Steps to Better Writing.  It provides videos that amplify the chapter “7-Step Writing Process.”

While the following speakers dissect the writing process differently, they consistently emphasize the need to break writing down into distinct phases.

In the following video, Jonathan Beer brilliantly summarizes how to write well using a writing process.

In the following video, Cecilia Wadso-Lecaros explains that a writing process helps people overcome “writer’s block” and tackle the other challenges of communicating clearly. She states that an advantage of using a writing process is the ability to loop back to prior steps to refine your thoughts and to refine your compositions.

The following video summarizes the Towering Skills writing process.

The following video provides more practical tips on the writing process.

In the following video, business management consultant Geoffrey Moore discusses writing as a process while Salman Khan summarizes in writing what is said.


Adopt a process for writing. It will help you save time and produce better documents.