Write faster.  Communicate better.


Tom Peters says, “The quality of written communication is still incredibly important. It is a timeless and powerful skill.”

Jordan Peterson says, “Those who can think and communicate are simply more powerful than those who cannot, and powerful in the good way, the way that means able to do a wide range of things competently and efficiently.” and “The best thing you can do is teach people to write, because there is no difference between that and thinking.”  

Effective Writing Matters a Lot

Effective writing drives the success of individuals and organizations. The modern world depends upon writing; in fact, documents are the bridges we build to convey our thoughts to other people. Better conceived and executed documents more powerfully communicate those ideas, thus saving time, achieving results, improving income, and enhancing credibility. In this course you will learn how to:

  • Avoid wasted effort
  • Focus on readers
  • Organize your ideas for clarity and impact
  • Overcome writer’s block
  • Compose quickly
  • Edit effectively
  • Proof documents rapidly and thoroughly
  • Apply technology to simplify and improve the writing process
  • Produce documents that hit the mark

7-Step Writing Process

Extensive research has shown that those who apply an orderly process to writing produce better documents more quickly. Towering Skills has distilled the writing process into seven steps.  Technical professionals find this process very helpful.

What You Will Learn

  • The 7 steps to effective writing
  • The science of written communication
  • How to guide the cognitive activity of your readers
  • When to write and when not to write
  • Placing yourself in your reader’s frame of mind
  • How to determine your purpose
  • The importance of collecting your resources
  • Hints on how to find your theme
  • Ways to brainstorm your message
  • The importance of order
  • How to draft quickly
  • Why writing can change your thinking
  • Steps to tune up your language
  • Techniques for proofing your document
  • Common grammar errors and how to avoid them
  • Language usage—how to say what, when, under what circumstances
  • Making the most of word processing software, especially Microsoft Word
  • Using text reading software
  • The importance of active verbs
  • How to subjugate details
  • How to avoid categorical writing
  • Techniques for making your writing more analytical
  • Ways to avoid abstractions
  • Methods to prune your language
  • Writing for clarity
  • Writing with life and spirit
  • The power of simple words, brief sentences, and short paragraphs
  • Making a call for action

Course Format

The Business Writing seminar includes 2 days of instructor-led training and many student exercises. Students make extensive use of computer software tools to improve the quality of their writing.

The students provide the instructor with examples of their writing before the course, and the instructor analyzes the students writing and comes prepared to discuss the students’ writing strengths and weaknesses when the class meets.

Who Should Attend

  • Business professionals, accountants, engineers, technical professionals, and managers seeking to rapidly and effectively improve their business communications
  • Business persons seeking a hands-on workshop to learn how to write faster and more effectively

Accelerated Learning

Towering Skills combines a full suite of modern learning tools to accelerate your learning. We present the material using visual, audio, and kinesthetic elements so you see, hear, and experience the ideas and concepts. Your teacher will use the Socratic method, problem solving, simulations, role playing, debriefings, storytelling, music, ritual, and more to convey the material.

You will enjoy the energy, knowledge, and wit of our instructor. He possesses the towering command of business writing and the ability to personalize the instruction to fit your needs.

This course includes pre-class and post-class assessments.

What People Say about Our Instructor

“Effective instructor.”
— Senior manager

“Writes well and quickly. Thinks quickly. Broad understanding of material.”
— Engineering director

“Possesses perhaps the greatest gift for putting ideas down in writing of anyone I have worked with.”
— Chris Hartman, retired VP for Parsons Corporation, California

Recent Comments from Students

“Student materials and examples were excellent. Student book is very helpful.”

“Exercises allow us to compare our writing against examples.  This was good. Allowed me to see where I am lacking.”

“Audience involvement was good.”

“I liked using our actual documents to analyze. Discussion of active versus passive voice was helpful. I benefited from the sentence analysis exercises.”

“I appreciate having steps to write a report. The seven steps to structure the writing process is very useful.”

“Course was an excellent refresher on grammar and structure.”

“Teacher has strong knowledge of the subject and presents information well.”

“Charles has a solid understanding of the subject material and its importance in real-life.  Subject material was well-chosen and structured.”

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