What Our Customers Say about Our Instructor

“True value creation comes from making smart investment decisions that are implemented through superb project execution. I have known Mr. Maxwell for two decades and can attest to his ability to employ disciplined technical and economic decision-making processes to prioritize projects that either realize new opportunities or solve existing problems for real situations in a leading global industrial business.
We used this approach to successfully complete a number of projects, which increased capacity, increased yield, improved product quality, reduced site and downstream customer costs, and greatly expanded profitability. For example, a $1.2-million investment into a very technical, but well conceived project, generated more than $100-million in profit.  As a true professional, Mr. Maxwell has always had a passion for sharing his mastery of engineering economics with his peers and is now offering this unique talent to the broader technical community.”
Edward C. Dowling Jr., Director at Teck Resources, Alacer Gold, and Polyus Gold, and former CEO at Alacer Gold

“I have known Chuck Maxwell since 1975…He has had a distinguished career, both in technical work and project management. He has the ability to analyze projects from both the technical feasibility and the financial aspects. He…can ask the right questions when dealing with new projects. I recommend him highly for both technical assessment of projects and their financial viability.”
Gordon H. Geiger, Professor Emeritus University of Arizona, and former CEO of Qualitech Steel

“Often times engineers seem to think a spreadsheet is the answer to all questions, because they spend so much time on them. Chuck understands that getting to numerical answers accurately is important, but the way you present those answers is equally important. We are all busy, and Chuck makes sure very complicated information is presented systematically, simply, and completely.”
Tim Arnold, Chief Operating Officer at Integra Resources, and former VP of Operations for  Pershing Gold Corporation and Nevada Copper  Corporation

“Chuck possesses a powerful analytical ability and perhaps the greatest gift for putting ideas down in writing of anyone I have worked with.”
Chris Hartman, retired VP for Parsons Corporation

“I have known Charles Maxwell as a professional associate, a mentor, a trainer, a supervisor, and a friend for over 10 years. As an MBA holding a senior engineer position at one of the largest mining and manufacturing companies in the US, I witnessed Charles’ work on projects involving a great deal of complexity and large capital requirements. We worked on bench-scale R&D projects, process technology and capital upgrade projects, plant and property acquisition, company M&A, and corporate knowledge management. I can honestly say I have never heard or seen of his work being anything but top rate, and that his intellect and professional skills are respected by his staff, his peers, and his division leadership.
“Charles has always impressed me with not only his solid grasp of technical engineering and project management issues, but with the nuances of financial analysis – such as forecasting and modeling based on test results, competitor analysis, and the impact of external economic or other risk issues on expected project outcomes.
“As a young MBA coming from an aggressive M&A background, I was surprised to see such an effective in-house financial training program as the one Charles pioneered. He taught young engineers the same financial basics and project modeling skills taught in the leading university MBA programs.
“I benefited a great deal from Charles’ training and mentoring over a two-year period where we worked together, and continue to respect his training abilities today. If you participate in a training program with Charles, you will be challenged, you will be stretched, and you will learn your craft.”
Raemond L. Beebe, MBA and Entrepreneur

“Charles is a great trainer.  He brings real life work experience to the classroom and then makes it easy to understand.”
Kris Sims, independent mining consultant, and former VP Finance for CMOC and VP Regional Financial Officer for Kinross Gold Corporation

What Our Customers Say about Our Courses

“Some years ago I attended a 3-day seminar on Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Analysis, and while that class was informative, it did not provide me with any readily usable tools. I later took a similar course from Mr. Maxwell, and his course did provide me with a clear understanding of the methods, as well as providing a usable spreadsheet based tool for the evaluation.”
R. Bruce Kennedy, Mining Consultant, and former General Manager for Goldcorp Inc.

“A co-worker recommended the “Write Right Now” technical and business writing course presented by Charles Maxwell. We arranged for Charles to host the class for a group of our engineers and I attended personally. We were very impressed and scheduled another class for the rest of our team. We will use Charles again as the team expands.
“While our class was targeted at technical writing, it works equally well for business writing. I strongly recommend Charles for anyone interested in improving their writing skills.”
Mick McCaslin, Project Sales Manager and former Director of Metallurgical Services at FLSmidth

“The course was very well presented. I had a course similar in college, but I walked away from this one with a much better understanding of the material.”
— Young chemical engineer

“Great, even for Excel-limited people like me!”
— Director of Engineering for one of the world’s largest mining companies