Craft powerful financial justifications

man doing financial analysis


Master the essentials of investment analysis. Identify better projects faster. Justify capital requests. Quantify your contributions to your company and to your customers. Confidently present your projects by showing how they contribute to your organization’s bottom-line.

How You Will Benefit

  • Make better investment decisions
  • Screen competing projects efficiently
  • Improve return-on-investment of your time
  • Improve the return-on-investment of your company’s capital
  • Improve shareholder value
  • Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of competing project concepts
  • Justify budgets and capital expenditures
  • Streamline the acquisition of capital
  • Defend your position with hard financial data
  • Gain credibility at higher levels in the organization
  • Keep projects and initiatives on track
  • Provide common goals and language for team members
  • Provide better inputs for strategic planning
  • Measure project potential and performance more accurately and efficiently
  • Understand and interpret financial information
  • Learn many new tricks to Microsoft Excel, enabling you to work faster and more confidently

What You Will Learn

  • Time value of money
    • Simple interest
    • Compound interest
    • Discounting
    • Present value
    • Future value
    • Annual value
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Financial statements
    • Income statement
    • Cash flow statement
    • Balance sheet
  • Cost of capital
  • Investment decision making tools
    • Payback
    • Present value
    • NPV
    • ROI
    • DuPont formula
    • IRR
    • MCR
    • B/C
    • PVR
    • EVA
    • Growth rates of return
  • Decision making environments/criteria
    • Mutually exclusive alternatives
    • Independent alternatives
    • Income producing investments
    • Service rendering investments
    • Incremental versus full-cost analysis
    • Sunk costs
    • Opportunity costs
  • Tax implications
    • Tax rates
    • Depreciation
    • Tax credits
    • Before-tax, after-tax, and no-tax evaluations
    • Expensing and capitalizing expenditures
    • Deductions
    • Amortization
    • Write-offs
    • Loss carry forward
    • Working capital
  • Elements of financial analysis
    • Project scope
    • Revenue
    • Capital
    • Operating costs
    • Cash flows
  • Risk
    • Dealing with uncertainty
    • Expected value
    • Inflation and escalation
  • Sensitivity analysis
    • Solver
    • Data tables
    • Scenario manager

Course Format

The seminar will include instructor led training and many student exercises. Students will make extensive use of Microsoft Excel.  The workshop covers 3-4 full days (depending on the prior preparation of attendees and the intensity of coverage desired).

Who Should Attend

Accountants, engineers, technical professionals, and managers seeking to rapidly and effectively make business decisions involving money. Business professionals seeking a hands-on workshop to learn how to plan, evaluate, and justify capital investments. Managers seeking to improve profitability.

Accelerated Learning

Towering Skills combines a full suite of modern learning tools to accelerate your learning. We present the material using visual, audio, and kinesthetic elements so you see, hear, and experience the ideas and concepts. Our teacher’s toolbox includes the Socratic method, problem solving, simulations, role playing, debriefings, storytelling, music, ritual, imagination, and more.
You will enjoy the energy, knowledge, and wit of our instructor. He possess the towering command of their disciplines so they can personalize the instruction to fit your needs.
Each course includes pre-class and post-class assessments.

What People Say about This Course

“The course was very well presented. I had a course similar in college, but I walked away from this one with a much better understanding of the material.”
— Young chemical engineer

“Some years ago I attended a 3-day seminar on Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Analysis, and while that class was informative, it did not provide me with any readily usable tools. I later took a similar course from Mr. Maxwell, and his course did provide me with a clear understanding of the methods, as well as providing a usable spreadsheet based tool for the evaluation.”
— R. Bruce Kennedy, Project Manager at Coeur Mining and former General Manager of Peñasquito Project for Goldcorp Inc.

“Great, even for Excel-limited people like me!”
— Director of Engineering for one of the world’s largest mining companies
“True value creation comes from making smart investment decisions that are implemented through superb project execution.

I have known Mr. Maxwell for two decades and can attest to his ability to employ disciplined technical and economic decision-making processes to prioritize projects that either realize new opportunities or solve existing problems for real situations in a leading global industrial business.
We used this approach to successfully complete a number of projects, which increased capacity, increased yield, improved product quality, reduced site and downstream customer costs, and greatly expanded profitability. For example, a $1.2-million investment into a very technical, but well conceived project, generated more than $100-million in profit.
As a true professional, Mr. Maxwell has always had a passion for sharing his mastery of engineering economics with his peers and is now offering this unique talent to the broader technical community.”
— Edward C. Dowling, Jr., Director at Teck Resources, Alacer Gold, and Polyus Gold

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